The Story of grace

Why are we church planting and what is Grace Fellowship all about?

It's all about Jesus

Our vision is to plant a church in every region of Frederick County with a vibrant Gospel community.. Our mission is to help people lead Jesus-centered lives.  We focus on Biblical Truth, Biblical Relationships and Biblical Mission. At Grace Fellowship, we call this "Know it, Live it, Give it Away".  We know Jesus better by thriving to; 

  • Know it

    "It" is the gospel - the story of Jesus of the Bible.  As we grow in our relationship with Jesus, we want to know the life-changing power of the Gospel; that we are worse off than we thought, but more loved than we can ever imagine. 

    We learn the gospel through studying God's Word: the Bible. We will study the Bible at Grace Fellowship and it will be our roadmap for our life.  This is Biblical Truth. 

  • Live it

    Living the gospel out in Biblical community means that we live and love like Jesus did. We want to imitate the life of Jesus. We do this best as we share life together in a faith community; where you can focus on bringing the Bible and everyday life together while building meaningful relationships. This is Biblical Relationships. 

  • Give it away

    Giving it away means doing good; it means action, it means being proactive in our community to help people at their point of need. It also means sharing the story of Jesus. It means sharing the incredible things He's done in our lives and spreading that incredible story with others.  This is our Biblical Mission.