A Word from our lead pastor


Frequently asked questions

We are following guidelines from the CDC for our re-opening and will update the policies in the days, weeks, and months that follow to reflect the most current guidelines and recommendations. These guidelines are important for the safety and wellbeing of all who will attend GFC. 

Face Coverings:   We are asking that everyone above the age of 4 use a face mask while in the building and moving around the facility. You can feel free to remove your face covering during the service while you are seated with your family.

Social Distancing: The main worship area and Grace Kids area have been set up with social distancing measures in mind and comply with a 50% capacity. 

RSVP: Please use this link https://forms.gle/EywNVx6NUQifwAuX6 to register you and your family each week. This will help us maintain our guideline compliance. 

Hand Sanitizer Stations: Hand sanitizing stations will be set up in both the worship center and Grace Kids areas for your use during our time together. 

Water Fountain: Our water fountains will not be in use at this time.

Refreshments:  At this time only bottled water will be provided by our hospitality team and will also be provided for our Grace Kids during their meeting time.

What we are doing to protect you:  We will make sure the building is thoroughly sanitized before and after services.  Surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected weekly.  Grace Kids chairs, tables, toys, and any shared items will also be disinfected weekly. 

Online services:  We will continue to live stream our worship service on Sundays at 10am on facebook and youtube.  

Sick policy:  We are asking that if someone in your family is sick, the entire family must stay home.  In order to return to the worship services and Grace Kids the entire family must be symptom free without medicine for three full days.

Symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, fever, muscle aches, chills, sore throat or loss of smell or taste should be taken seriously and those with these symptoms along with their families should not attend. 

 We want to thank everyone for their efforts in helping us maintain all the new guidelines in place during our reopening. We are extremely excited to open our doors in our new location and welcome back our Grace Fellowship Family and guests!