Grace Fellowship

Grace Fellowship is a non-denominational church plant that is part of the Charis Fellowship of churches.  Begun in January of 2017, Grace Fellowship serves southern Frederick, Northern Virginia and the Harpers Ferry area by knowing, living, and giving the Gospel away. 

We are a member of the Charis Fellowship- a non- denominational group of churches that joins together to greater impact the Kingdom of God.

Charis Fellowship

our Leaders

  • Scott Avey

    Lead Pastor and elder

    Scott spent his first 15 years of ministry in worship ministry. He is a classically trained musician with an undergrad in Music Education and a Seminary Degree in Local Church Ministry from Grace College.  He is the founding pastor of Grace Fellowship and has an undying passion for the Gospel, his bride, his kids, and pineapple. His claim to fame (very brief fame) was being on the Jay Leno Show.


  • Elder


    Chris is a father of four, husband to Lauri, and loves motorcycles, mountain biking, and the outdoors. He recently has taken up kayaking and also loves shark fishing at the beach.  He and his wife were born and raised in New Jersey and have an undying love for Jersey pizza, cheesesteaks, jimmies, and the shore.



    John is the father of three strapping young boys. He loves God's word and is committed to the mission of spreading Jesus in our community. He holds the title of Grace Fellowship Dadfest Champion earned on Father's Day in 2019.

  • Lauri Palmer

    Grace Kids Director

    Lauri is the fearless leader of our Grace Kids ministry. She is a mother of four, wife to Chris and lover of flip-flops, the beach, and Jesus.  Although she loves Maryland and can get her favorite Wawa French vanilla cappuccinos here, she will always be a Jersey girl at heart.

  • Jason Neeves

    Elevate Student Ministries Director

    Jason comes with years of experience leading camps and involvement with other youth groups. He is a craftsman in foodcraft, has an undergrad in Political Science and recently got his MBA. Jason has a heart to disciple and teach students truths of God's Word. 


  • Jennifer avey

    Groups Director

    Jennifer has a passion for God's word, and connecting people in community. She is also involved in Charis Women, a national organization to equip and train women for local church ministry and spiritual formation. Jennifer speaks at wormen's events, loves gardening and occasional crochet.