Groups at Grace Fellowship

We believe that the life transformation of the Gospel is activated within the context of community.  Groups provide an environment for honest reflection and feedback as well as relational connection for sharing and processing life and faith


Groups at Grace

We believe in moving from rows to circles.  To know God's heart is to value relationships. So we try to get people into groups. 


A smaller faith community that is intentional about spiritual growth and spending life with one another. It’s a church inside a church. 

The purpose is to encourage and support one another, help each other grow and to multiply leaders. 


  • 12- 16 Adults
  • Childcare is usually provided, but has a proportional cost.

We use facilitated discussion on a passage or story in the Bible. Anyone, regardless of where they are at in their spiritual journey, can participate. We don’t have “teachers,”  we have “facilitators.” We allow the Holy Spirit to guide our discussion times and to illuminate the Bible text in each person’s heart. 

15-30 Minutes of fellowship/snack

20 minutes for an icebreaker

45 minutes for a facilitated discussion

20 minutes for prayer