Our Code of Values

Our values are like our ministry plumb lines- it helps us keep aligned and pointed in the same direction. 


Our Code of values

We live to make Jesus make sense. 

We are preoccupied with making any necessary sacrifice to make the story of Jesus clear and accessible to anyone seeking after Him.  We take seriously that all we are and all we have is to honor Jesus Christ and make Him known.

We believe relationships matter.

We cannot live without honest relationships. We resolve to figure out how to love God, love each other, and live on mission together in Biblical community.  We were created to be connected.

We believe in sending capacity over seating capacity.

Every member of the community is a missionary.  We will focus on mobilizing our people of all ages to do the work of the church.  This includes a focus on our children and youth, as well as engaging and equipping all gifts and abilities.  Our goal is to be a Jesus- centered church planting movement. 

• We will focus on what's most important.

We are committed to excellence and effectiveness for the Gospel.  We will maximize every resource to focus our creativity and efforts on things that will make the biggest impact.  

We understand real life is messy and complicated. 

God's Word speaks to real life: from the bedroom to the bank-account to the board room.  We will unashamedly talk about real-life topics and seek after obedience in all areas of life.

We actively seek ministry partnerships. 

We work purposefully to maximize impact for God's Kingdom. Grace Fellowship cannot go it alone.  We work to leverage the strengths of diverse organizations and churches to pursue the movement to which God has called us.  We cut out the middle-man and connect the people of Grace Fellowship directly to strategic partners.